We invest in idea-stage tech startups

Selego turns your idea into a revenue-generating startup. We provide all the help you need from the idea-stage to Series A.

We take money out of the startup equation

We know how much you work hard to build your idea into a reality. At Selego, our team has the required skill set and financial resources to help you go from 0 to a ready-to-scale startup. We believe that your job as an entrepreneur is to roll up your sleeves and focus obsessively on solving the problem you have identified. Day and night, the shower and even on the potty. That's it. Leave the launching, building, and growing a tech startup to us!

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From an idea to a revenue-generating startup

Collaborate with a team of professional startup builders with world-class strategic and technical skills. We'll get our hands dirty and help turn your idea into a strong pre-seed-stage startup ready to fundraise in 4 months.

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What we will do


We’ll validate the market opportunity


We’ll create the product


We’ll recruite the ideal CEO


We’ll develop & implement the market strategy


We’ll manage potential fundraising

So here's what to expect

Experienced developers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs working on your startup. Each week, together with our strategic committee, we will determine the objectives to be achieved and the tasks to be done to validate the assumptions one by one. Your project will also benefit from a marketing budget dedicated to customer acquisition.

The Goal

Validate all your project's building blocks and get the required KPIs to demonstrate why and how your idea will turn into a fast growing business

Either we fail fast or we take you Series A, 2 outcomes are possible after 4 months of collaboration


The project doesn’t generate the expected market traction. No big deal! An idea may seem perfect on paper, but the market decides whether it has a future or not. In this case, both you and Selego will be happy because we will have spent a minimum amount of time and money to get to this conclusion.


The project is validated, de-risked and shows promising KPIs. Then Selego can take care of your next fundraising to help you accelerate. If this fundraising is a success, Selego will be granted 8% equity in your startup against its initial investment.

Is this for you?

If all of this aligns and if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and focus on obsessively solving the problem you have identified then you definitely should apply!

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If your idea originates from a problem you identified by observing the world

If your solution has a digital/tech component

If your Business Model can be scalable

We are Expert Startup Builders since 2018

A startup studio designed to build and grow technology companies from scratch.

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Startups built from scratch

Our unfair advantage

We are masters in the art of de-risking ideas. For most entrepreneurs, launching a startup boils down to conducting a few interviews and focusing on product development. The result? Very few survive.
As a "Startup Machine", our main focus is to de-risk the project before investing significant amounts of time and capital in developing the solution.

You're only 4 months away from owning a revenue-generating startup

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