Your startup studio partner with a great track record!

We help you build, strategize, and grow your tech startups from idea-stage to Series A.

Startup as a Service

We bring an experienced team to create your startup. We worry about the development and growth of the product so you do not have to. Your business knowledge is all we need.

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CEO & Executives

Selego gives the opportunity to CEOs, Executives, Business Angels and Corporations to outsource their startup projects to Professional Startup Builders.

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Partnership with incubators and investors

We collaborate with investors and incubators to continue our positive impact to society by building as many valuable startups as possible all over the world. We are ready to roll up their sleeves to help progress the ecosystem and we want you to be a part of this momentum.

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Product / Dev / Growth

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Design and Prototyping

We keep our eyes peeled into designing your prototype keeping in mind its user interaction and its UI design.


We develop our solutions using top-notch technologies ( React, React Native, Nodejs, ElasticSearch, AWS ) and many others frameworks and SDKs.


Through user feedbacks and product analytics, we successively measure and improve the product. We are big fans of amplitude, sentry, or mixpanel.