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Startup studio focused on B2B SaaS

We are a startup studio.

We invest and use our skills to build and grow companies. The team has all the skills on hand to go from idea to traction and beyond.

Design and prototyping

Design and prototyping

User interaction and UI design are important components of any service. We pay a lot of attention to design and prototyping when developing our apps.



We develop our solutions using top-notch technologies ( React, React Native, Nodejs, ElasticSearch, AWS ) and many others frameworks and SDKs.



We continuously measure and improve the product through user feedbacks and product analytics. We are big fan of amplitude, sentry or mixpanel

Take a look to our portfolio

We have work on several projects such as mobile app, web app or chatbots

Bring your ideas to life

We're fully committed to finding new ideas and opportunities that together with a great product, technology and team can disrupt in potential markets.

We are looking for high business focus products

We offer great advantages for projects with a high business focus, i.e. the ones that deal with a new type of business model or the ones that challenge the existing value chain. We are especially relevant for projects that explore new markets for the company or try to understand their final users & customers better.

We allow obtaining potential customers’ feedback on the immature idea without putting in danger the image of the corporate company behind. Market tests results are often less biased when the big corporate brand is not associated with the idea in the first place.

We use theses technologies

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