Our Vision

“Selego's vision is to have an impact on our society by building as many valuable startups all over the world”.


This is our “why”. Building a better world one product at a time.


Cost effectively solving relevant problems around the world.


We work with dreamers, visionaries, and innovative entrepreneurs.


The community we support and believes in our vision.

Our Business Model

Working with hundreds of clients making countless products wasn't challenging enough for them. They realized they wanted to leverage everything they’d learned to create startups from scratch. Rather than using their agency revenue to buy nice cars, they decided to grow the team and focus on building their own startups. A startup studio was born.
We are now evolving to add capital to the resources we can provide to founders. We believe can grow and change the world!

Our Mission

While around 99% of start-ups fail, the remaining 1% accounts for almost 50% of new job creation. Can you imagine the huge impact it could have? We are investing in pre-product, pre-revenue tech startups and stepping up as the perfect co-founder. We are opening up the path to entrepreneurial success to many more founders, regardless of who they know or how much money they have. With a diverse portfolio of incredible companies growing across the globe, we will leverage entrepreneurship to improve society for everyone.

Get Involved!

Co-found a startup with us
Refer a founder
Invest in one of Make it's investment vehicles
Partner and collaborate with us